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We sit down with leaders and innovators, in an effort to bring you a behind the scenes look into what's happening in our community.

Exploring the mindset of these remarkable individuals, you will understand what motivates and leads to their success. VoigtJohnson believes in consistent personal growth. It is our hope that by hearing the stories of our guests, you too will be inspired to do great things!


Ringing in the New Year with Bad Habit Brewing

January 18, 2021

Nearly an entire year later after the previous time Brandon sat down with business owner and local beer expert, Aaron Rieland of Bad Habit Brewing in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. The world has changed tremendously over the past year for many businesses and their owners, so we dive into how they have coped with the changes and what they’re looking forward to moving forward. Thanks for tuning in and if you enjoy the episode, please share it!


Adventure Coffee MN

November 20, 2020

We dive head first into the start up process of the new local trending coffee shop, that isn’t a shop at alll.. it’s a Coffee Truck! We learn about Adventure Coffee MN’s Founder, Ryan Voeller, story, passions and reasoning behind his new company that focuses on putting delicious coffee in the hands of his customers while making a positive impact on the community around him


Ice Cream tastes better in the winter w/ Jupiter Moon Ice Cream

November 5, 2020

We had the opportunity to sit down with David Boyer from central Minnesota’s newest ice cream shop, Jupiter Moon Ice Cream located in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. We discuss his passion for ice cream, process to get his business up and running, along with all of the adversity being faced while opening an ice cream shop amidst a pandemic. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!


Restoring Vintage Collectibles with Josh Moon

October 15, 2020

Determined to live life on his own terms, it was either stay in the 9-5 job that he had or chase his dreams amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Deciding life is too short to not do what you love, Josh started his company called The Real Virtual Vintage where he takes in collectible toys tractors, vehicles, and other unique products to be restored!


Randy Schmitz with Rolling Ridge

September 15, 2020

Brandon Johnson and Randy Schmitz sit down to talk a little about the history behind the legendary Rolling Ridge Event Center in Saint Joseph, Minnesota along with how they’ve handled adversity during the troubling times amongst Covid plus a sneak peek into what is to come in the future for them.


School during a pandemic with Jon McGee of SJP

August 16, 2020

Brandon sits down with Jon McGee from Saint John’s prep and discusses how they’ve handled their activities and school amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as their plans moving forward.


Midwest Country Music Award Winner Anderson Daniels

July 6, 2020

Brandon sits down with special guest Anderson Daniels, Midwest Country Music Award Winner, to discuss his path into the country music industry. The two also discuss different strategies to find success within the industry and ways to build a brand in music, along with handling the changes we’ve all experienced.


A Dip Into the Music Entertainment Industry with Ted Manderfeld

June 16, 2020

Ted Manderfeld sits down to discuss unique and inspiring his path into becoming a professional musician/comedian/pianist. Along with discussing his past, we discuss obstacles Deuces Wild has dealt with and surpassed during the coronavirus situation.


Life as a Young Entrepreneur in a Changing World

June 3, 2020

Brandon sits down with 24-year-old entrepreneur Devon Noehring from Central MN to discuss his path, branding & the future as a business owner in a changing world.


Baby’s on Broadway founder Adelle Starin speaks about her journey as an entrepreneur

April 30, 2020

Starting your own business can be daunting for some, not for Adelle with Baby’s on Broadway. When you find your passion, you are driven to do whatever it takes to succeed. Adelle speaks to what makes her successful and how she approaches relationships with her customers. Get an inside perspective on how Adelle has created one of the most magnetic brands in the area!


State Rep. Tama Theis shares her perspective and what we need to know at a state level.

April 8, 2020

Tama takes the time to visit on how the pandemic is impacting our lives here in Minnesota. Even the state government isn’t immune from having to adapt to this new normal. How long will this last? What resources are available? How can we help one another? These questions are just a few of the topics discussed with our conversation with MN House Rep. Tama Theis.


What’s Going on? How small business owners can prosper in times of uncertainty.

March 30, 2020

With the recent “Shelter in Place” order from Gov. Tim Walz, small businesses face unprecedented times. Brandon shares a few changes that he believes are coming and what you need to do to navigate through this time of uncertainty. This too will pass, but taking bold action is what is needed to be successful in moving forward.


Sheri Wegner of UCP drops by to share the amazing things her organization is doing in MN.

March 19, 2020

UCP of Central MN is providing services to those in need across all of Minnesota. UCP Executive Director Sheri Wegner tells us how she is growing the organization in such an inspiring manner. From transportation to home renovations and technology advancements, Sheri and her team are dedicated to providing a “Life Without Limits” to those in need!


Dan Ochsner, of KNSI Radio stops by the Link in a can’t miss episode.

March 5, 2020

The OX tells us what sparked his interest in radio, and how his journey has brought him to where he is today. We discuss topics from The Hulk, to Jessie Ventura, Mayor Dave Kleis and everything in between. The OX is one of the most energetic and entertaining on air personalities in Central Minnesota, and this episode does not disappoint!


Pt. 2 | Tanner’s Team with John and Cindy Fuls.

February 26, 2020

In the second part of the episode, we learn about what Tanner’s Team truly does to help family’s across the state. The support of the community has really blessed John and Cindy to continue Tanner’s legacy by impacting people who are dealing with a terminal diagnosis. Continue to be inspired by what Tanner’s Team is accomplishing in Minnesota.


Pt. 1 | John and Cindy Fuls discuss their mission of keeping Tanner’s legacy alive & their impact across Minnesota.

February 13, 2020

You will love getting to know Cindy and John as they open up about their family, and John even shares how they first met. They discuss what it was like to first learn of Tanner’s illness and everything that would follow. In this emotional conversation, the Fuls share some amazing stories about Tanner and some of their lasting memories. Their strength comes from the mission to keep Tanner’s legacy alive, through The Tanners Team Foundation.


Scott Widor of the Blueline Sports Bar and Grill stops by to discuss his journey.

January 27, 2020

Ever wonder what it takes to run a successful sports bar? Scott shares his philosophy on what it means to truly serve the customer. Scott shares how he evolved from the telecommunications business into creating a household brand in Central Minnesota. We share some laughs and a few stories, but you’ll be sure to gain some of Scott’s wisdom when it comes to executing in the restaurant business!


Maddy Zinken Discusses Her Mission of Helping Homeless Youth

January 13, 2020

Unfortunately, the problem of the homeless is greater than what is seen from a distance. Central Minnesota youth not only face this harsh reality but also endure the many stigmas associated with being homeless. Pathways4Youth was created to assist youth with breaking through the many barriers towards a path to prosperity. Maddy shares their mission and how they are creating a better way of life for our youth here in central Minnesota!


Ettien Koffi translates the Gospel

December 11, 2019

Ettien Koffi, a Linguistics professor at SCSU, shares his mission of expanding literacy in the Ivory Coast. Ettien tells us how he developed an oral language into the written form. The process started with translating the New Testament, and now is the basis for the Anyi Literacy Program. Get ready to be inspired!


Take a deep dive into the history of Bad Habit Brewing with Aaron Rieland

November 26, 2019

In this episode of the Link, Learn how a home brew kit evolved into a thriving business. Aaron also discusses why this local business almost never happened. How did the name Bad Habit come about? All these topics and more in this episode of the Link!


When Your Purpose in Life Finds You with Kayla Strand

November 6, 2019

Kayla Strand stops by to share her story of how the tragic loss of her husband Kyle led to the creation of The INDY Foundation. When most people experiencing the abundance of planning a wedding, Kayla and Kyle were also dealing with the diagnosis of cancer. You cannot help but be inspired by Kayla’s purpose in starting the INDY Foundation. She also opens up on the amazing instance of providence; the wonderful story that gave her the affirmation to keep Kyle’s Legacy alive.